How to Set Rates for a Handyman Business

How to Set Rates for a Handyman Business. You want to start a handyman business, but you aren't sure what rates to charge. You need to set appropriate rates in order to remain competitive in the business world. There are several different ways you can determine your fees.

Decide how much money you want to make in a year. Divide that number by how many weeks you want to work. Divide your new number by how many hours a week you want to work. The answer will be your hourly rate.

Determine how long each job will take and multiply that number by your hourly rate to get your price per project. Charge by the hour if you aren't sure how long a job will take or determine your rate per project and stick to that amount whether it takes 5 or 10 hours to complete.

Set your hourly rates by looking at your skills, experience and education. You can charge more if you have proof that you are qualified to do the job properly.

Check with your local chamber of commerce to see what others in your field are charging. Set your rate between the highest and lowest rates in your area. You can charge the highest rate if you plenty of experience or education to back up your prices.

Set rates for different jobs that you offer. Check the rates in your area for particular jobs. Look at the rate per hour or by job.

Try a salary calculator on a job web site like Monster or Jobbankusa. Use the salary wizard by choosing your job from a list and typing in your location. You will get a list of jobs with matching salaries for your area.


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