How to Start a Company

How to Start a Company. Got that entrepreneurial itch? Here's a quick overview to help you go for it. Go ahead, take the first step!

Come up with a great idea.

Test your idea with members of your target audience. If it flies, continue to develop it. If not, come up with a better idea.


Write a business plan. (See Related eHows.)

Raise money from your savings, friends and family, the bank, or the Small Business Administration (SBA) to launch the business. (See Related eHows.)


Recruit a great team of people.

Work, work, work to get ready for launch.

Market your product or service to your target audience.


Monitor your company's profitability, market share and other business indicators.


Build your business steadily by staying in touch with what your customers need, monitoring competitive activity and adjusting your plans and actions accordingly.



  • Pace yourself. It is demanding to start a company.
    Use resources such as MBA students and the SBA to help your business. Have fun.


  • Starting a business is risky. Have backup plans or savings to make sure you can stay afloat financially.

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