How to Write an Appeal Collection Letter

How to Write an Appeal Collection Letter. Nobody wants to see a collection letter in the mailbox, especially when you feel the letter is not warranted. When a collection agency or company makes a mistake about a collection, the best way to resolve the issue is to write an appeal letter. A truthful and convincing appeal letter may help correct the discrepancy.

Find the appropriate person to address your letter to as well as the proper mailing address. While this may sound silly, it can help get your letter directly to the person or office that is responsible for your claim. Call the agency if necessary to get the correct contact information.

Gather information to refute the collection agency's claim that you owe them money. Receipts are always good, but other proof may also come in handy. Make copies of your documents and include them with the letter. Keep the original documents for your records.

Use only the facts as you write the letter. This is not a time for exaggeration because your ability to back up the facts with documentation is your best weapon in resolving a collection.

Make your letter brief and simple. Do not get caught up in unnecessary information. Focus on the fact that you have been wrongly accused of owing money and the supporting evidence to prove it. If more detail is needed, the collectors will ask for it later.

Check your spelling and grammar. A misspelling in a letter sometimes reflects a lack of concern and may hurt your case. Ask someone to proofread the appeal letter to ensure it makes sense. A person who knows nothing about your collection issue is a good, objective reviewer.

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