How to Deal With Workers' Comp Problems

How to Deal With Workers' Comp Problems. Workers' compensation is a fact of life and can be a problem for both sides of the fence. Employers have to adhere to strict rules, and employees have to find out just what they need to do to receive workers' comp. Take time to understand how to deal with your side of workers' comp.

Employer Dealing With Workers' Comp

Know that most states require businesses to obtain workers' comp insurance. This is how employers compensate workers for work-related accidents and exposures. The system has worked since 1911, for the most part.

Assign a specific employee to deal with workers' comp information. It is important to follow the legalities and take care of the paperwork promptly. One person can handle it better than just letting it set to one side to see who has time.

Realize that you are not liable for on-the-job accidents and injuries that happen to contract and commission-only workers. You must work out those problems in some other way.

Employee Dealing With Workers' Comp

Be aware of who your workers' comp representative is. Be sure to report work accidents to that person immediately. They set the wheels in motion by filling out appropriate paperwork and finding medical help for your problem.

Keep in mind that your employer has to follow certain rules. You must go off the clock until the problem is resolved. Medical clearance is often the only thing you need. This can be as simple as having a physician sign off that you are not suffering injury from the incident.

Understand that it is up to the rules of your individual business and workers' comp whether you can access your vacation and sick leave time for the required absence from work. If you must rely on the pay of workers' comp, you must realize that it is only a portion of your normal salary.

Accept your workers' comp paycheck. Return to work on light duty when you are able, but not before. Your employer cannot fire you because you are not able to do the old job from the start.


  • Many physicians shy away from workers' comp visits from patients because they do not want to get involved in lawsuits and their accompanying problems.


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