How to Start a Whataburger Franchise

How to Start a Whataburger Franchise. Establishing a new restaurant is a challenging task that requires experience, funding, and expertise. A good way to obtain help with the experience and expertise issues is to invest in a franchise, which has established support systems and proven methods for success. One of the most successful franchises is the Whataburger franchise opportunity.

Select a location in southern or southeastern parts of the United States for the Whataburger franchise. Whataburger is a franchise that focuses on development in the south and does not seek any opportunities in the northern United States. In addition, the location must be an available territory unoccupied by any other Franchisee.

Research the viability of a Whataburger franchise in the selected area. The area should be growing economically and have sufficient traffic to support a Whataburger franchise.

Have at least two hundred thousand dollars in initial funding for the Whataburger franchise. Some franchises, depending on location and other factors, can cost as much as a half million in total start-up costs.

Possess at least two hundred thousand dollars in liquid funding that is available within thirty days and a half million dollars in net worth. This figure is in addition to the initial start-up costs.

Contact the Whataburger development officer and obtain the necessary forms and information for franchise approval. You will need to submit all relevant financial forms, an area of interest application along with other Whataburger franchise specific documents. See the resources section for more information.

Meet with the Whataburger franchise liaison to formulate the plan for opening the franchise.

Purchase or lease a property for the Whataburger Franchise. After you receive approval from Whataburger, you will need to buy or rent a property for your Whataburger franchise.

Set a target date for the opening, hire a manager, and obtain all the necessary information for product delivery. The Whataburger liaison will assist you in these efforts.

Open the Whataburger franchise.


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