How to Write an Employee Career Development Plan

How to Write an Employee Career Development Plan. Write an Employee Career Development Plan for each of your employees to support their career paths. Create the plan as a template and then encourage all supervisors to complete the plan in conjunction with their annual employee performance reviews. The Employee Career Development Plan helps employees identify their goals by considering the company's needs. At the same time, it helps your company provide individualized training so employees can improve their skills.

Type "Employee Career Development Plan" on the first page of the document. Write the employee's name on a separate line beneath the title.

Add a section for the employee and his supervisor to sign and date the form, indicating their agreement. Have the executive heading the employee's department also sign and date the plan.

Include a separate page containing the employee's job information. Require the employee's current title and title when hired, current department and department when hired and names of all supervisors since the date of hire.

Request the employee to identify a specific career goal. Insert a simple chart identifying training classes offered both onsite and offsite relating to the employee's goal. Have the supervisor state whether the employee can begin each class immediately or at some future point.

Create a chart for "Employee Continuing Education." Identify college courses the employee can complete toward a certificate or degree.

Insert another chart for on-the-job activities designed to help the employee learn additional skills or improve current ones. Identify and informal trainer within the company who will help the employee with these activities. Add an area to identify the specific tasks the employee performed and the job skills required for completing the task.

Finish the Employee Career Development Plan with a short paragraph entitled "Statement of Employee Participation or Non-Participation." Require employees to state whether or not they agree with the plan. Have employees sign and date the statement.

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