How to Start a Hay Hauling Business

How to Start a Hay Hauling Business. A hay hauling business can be very profitable if you know how it run it correctly. Here are some basics for starting your own hay hauling enterprise.

Obtain adequate equipment and transportation. You will need a powerful pick-up truck. Most farmers and hay haulers own 4x4 trucks. A long flat bed trailer is also a good idea. You can haul more hay at one time with a trailer.

Employ someone to help you with this business. You will not be able to load all the hay and bind it tightly enough by yourself. It is also a lonely drive if you have to haul hay hundreds of miles. It would be nice to have someone go with you and you could also split up the driving time.

Decide how much you are planning to charge. Many hay haulers charge per bale and per mile. You may choose to charge $10 a bale then 50 cents a mile. This business can become very profitable for you if you are serious about it. It can also be one that lasts throughout the years as well.

Publicize your business. Place ads in newspapers, on radio stations, in market bulletins and farm magazines, and also pass the word of your business through word of mouth. You will be surprised how many people call you about your services.


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