How to Get Billboard Zoning. You want to get your business's name and message out to as many people as possible. Rather than pay for newspaper, radio or television advertising, or in addition to these methods, you want to advertise by billboard. First you need to secure the proper zoning to make sure your billboard meets all legal guidelines. Here are some tips for securing zoning for a billboard.

Step 1.

Contact your city's planning and zoning office to see what current zoning laws apply to the area where you want to erect a billboard. If one is already installed where you want to put up advertising, make sure it is still within zoning ordinance standards. Such standards change and the billboard you wish to use may have been installed prior to such changes.

Step 2.

Draw up designs for your billboard, including measurements and specifics on any piece of the billboard that will protrude in any way outside the normal rectangular dimensions of a billboard.

Step 3.

Talk to residents and businesses in the area immediately surrounding where you want your billboard to be to determine if there would be any objections from them about your billboard. It is best to have met with the neighbors prior to meeting with the city so you can prove you have done your research. Also, the less up-front objections there are, the greater your chance of it sailing through the zoning process.

Step 4.

Schedule an appointment with your city's zoning staff to allow them to review your planned billboard. The staff will know all the city's laws pertaining to billboards and can advise you on any changes you need to make to your plans to come within compliance.

Step 5.

Take part in a public hearing. If the city staff has to make any changes outside of the usual ordinance, you may need to go before the entire city council for a public hearing when others in town will be allowed to comment on your proposed billboard.

Step 6.

Make any necessary changes to your plan to see if the city will approve it as is. If there are any changes outside of the normal zoning laws, the city council or other governing body might approve it or they might choose not to pass it or may ask you to make further accommodations. Take their suggestions and modify your plans before going back to the governing body in your town.