How to Create Controversy for Media Attention

How to Create Controversy for Media Attention. Gone are the days of showcasing talent to get on TV. Today's aspiring stars fast-track it to celebrity by creating controversy to attract media attention. A growing number of ways exist for the average Joe to get his face on the round of news shows. All it takes is tenacity, creativity and courage (or stupidity).

Plan carefully. Be sure to plan a stunt that is safe. No matter how cool your trick may be, you can't reap the rewards of celebrity unless you are alive.

Arrange for multiple videographers. You want to be sure that your stunt is captured on video, so you need to plant several people (a few with camera phones for authenticity) nearby.

Load that video on as many websites as possible. You want to get maximum exposure for your stunt, so utilize all of the free publicity that you can get. National media outlets regularly troll sites such as YouTube and Myspace for video clips to augment their human interest segments. Load yours on as many sites as possible to create the illusion of popularity.

Post inflammatory views. Say something that is totally outrageous. Speaking against the current popular politician or celeb is a prime example. Bucking societal norms is an almost sure thing. However, be sure to stay tasteful. Racist and sexist remarks, for example, can backfire.

Crash a celebrity bash, red carpet or major sporting event. The media turns out to these events in force, so you are sure to get your face on the air. Crashing will draw out security, however, so be prepared to be bounced and/or banned from the event.

Post something outrageous on eBay. The little girl who auctioned the monster under her bed got airtime for a few days. Find something equally creative that will be sure to capture media attention.

Get your picture taken with a drunken celeb. Everyone knows their hangouts. Snap a shot of yourself with an intoxicated heiress on your arm, or of a belligerent actor spewing racial slurs while clinging to you. You will be sure to get your 15 minutes and then some.

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