How to Implement Total Quality Management

How to Implement Total Quality Management. Total Quality Management (TQM) is a philosophy in which the core focus is meeting the customers' needs and ensuring their satisfaction. Quality in all levels of the organization and reduction of waste are the key components. Implementing Total Quality Management must start at the top. Upper level executives must not only embrace the concepts of TQM, but must also be actively involved in promoting the customers' needs first.

Assess the overall health of the company as it currently operates. If conditions such as lack of management skills and poor employee morale currently exist, you must address those problems first for a better chance of success in implementing Total Quality Management.

Study the history of the company in relation to change. If the company has a good track record of responding favorably to changes in the marketplace and making necessary modifications to business practices along the way, it is probably a good candidate to implement Total Quality Management.

Introduce the concept of Total Quality Management to senior level executives. Implementing Total Quality Management can't be delegated, it must be driven by senior management in order to succeed.

Enlist the services of Total Quality Management consultants. They can help you to audit the company in its current state, suggest areas of improvement and provide training to key employees who can then pass along that information to other employees.

Empower the employees to identify needed changes, with the knowledge that management values their ideas. Systems of reward for measurable improvements should be considered. Employees at all levels of the organization must feel that what they do contributes to the customer's satisfaction.

Realize that implementing Total Quality Management is a long process and doesn't happen overnight. But with management commitment, consistent training of employees and an eye on the ultimate goal of retaining satisfied customers, Total Quality Management can be achieved.


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