How to Market a Product

How to Market a Product. Marketing a product to the public can be extremely difficult and expensive. Regardless of the product you will need to know your target market and a lot of information about the industry your product falls into. Use these steps to learn more about marketing a product to get the most exposure possible within your target audience. Read on to learn more.

Decide whether to use a marketing firm or do the marketing yourself. Of course, the easiest way to market a product is to let the professionals do it; if you have the money to spend, do it. If not, research tips from the top firms and use the ones you feel you have the skills and time to implement yourself.

Complete market research and target market studies. You need to know who you are marketing your product to before you put it out there. Assemble study groups to introduce your product to and have them fill out surveys. Research similar products already on the market and gather such information as target market, price, popularity and where it is sold.

Compile the market research you did into an easy-to-read spreadsheet. Use it to help you find an appropriate price point, target market and where to pitch your product.

Build a marketing plan before you launch into action. It is important to have focus throughout this process. Make a plan that has your presentation, or "pitch." You also need information on the stores you are going to pitch to and all other facets of marketing such as online retail, advertising, media, giveaways and how much everything would cost.

Make contact with the people you are selling your product to and pitch them your product. (You should have a few "shelf-ready" products to use in the beginning.) Take criticism seriously and don't get upset about it. Without information from professionals, you will never get your product to the market.


  • Be persistent if you know you have something good. Be willing to take the advice of industry professionals and make any suggested changes they feel will make your product more attractive to your target market. Have cash flow. Marketing a product is expensive!

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