How to Join the Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau doesn't let every business join. It's only open to businesses that have met its tough ethical standards and deserve the benefits of its reputation. Joining involves completing an application and paying fees, but the standards your business must live up to BBB's Standard for Trust.

Application Procedures

Visit the BBB's website and select the office suitable for your location.The BBB lists offices by city and region. Apply online or visit the local branch. Each website will have a link to apply for accreditation. The initial application is fairly short, requiring basic information such as name, address and website link. The BBB will contact you and probe further into your application to accurately determine the business size and number of employees.


The BBB will investigate the company to determine how many complaints, if any, you've received and how you've responded. In most cases, you must be in business at least one year before becoming accredited. It can be longer than that if the BBB needs additional time to evaluate your business. If it finds you meet its standards, the fees and dues to join vary and can reach $3,500 annually.

Further Information

Becoming accredited means you agree not to engage in false advertising and will meet all licensing requirements necessary for legal operation of your business. In most cases, it means you agree to respond within 20 days to all complaints filed with the BBB against your company.