How to Interview a Friend for a Job

How to Interview a Friend for a Job. Handling a friend in a professional set-up is tricky, let alone formally interviewing him. As the interviewer, you have a responsibility to be unbiased and efficient in assessing the candidate's skills and personality to suit the job requirements. Here are some tips to juggle the roles of a proficient interviewer and a sensitive friend.

Treat the interview as a formal business interaction. Chances are you already know your friend has applied for the job and she knows that you are the interviewer. You owe it to your friend and the company to choose the right candidate.

Clarify the business nature of the situation. Maintain professionalism while questioning and remember not to sound intimidating. This ensures mutual respect and prevents misinterpretation that can harm your friendship.

Divulge only such information during the interview that is allowed by the company. It is unethical to disclose sensitive information about confidential business strategies even to your close friend.

Be fair to your friend by remembering we all wear different hats depending upon the situation. Your friend could be a different person at work. Try not to assess him with a predetermined mindset.

Be frank if you feel your friend is not the right fit for the job or if someone else is better suited. A good friend would never expect you to compromise your responsibilities to the company.

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