How to Create a Customer Service Satisfaction Survey

How to Create a Customer Service Satisfaction Survey. Customer satisfaction is essential to the survival of a business. The best way to determine customers' level of satisfaction is to ask them. When conducting a customer satisfaction survey you should consider the type of questions and how and when you ask them. Learn how to create a customer service satisfaction survey to better serve clients.

Choose how you will ask your customers important questions about their satisfaction. You can talk to them face-to-face while in your store or office, call them on the phone if you have a current phone number, mail them a questionnaire, or e-mail them a survey, being mindful of spam laws.

Decide the best way to present questions depending on the type of information you want to get, and the format in which you'll be communicating. You can have answers based on a ranking system, from poor to excellent, you can offer true or false questions, give A, B, C and D options, or ask open-ended questions, where people are free to elaborate on their answers.

Base questions on what you'd like to know from customers. Ask questions about satisfaction related to their purchase, customer service received and general impressions of the company. Customer loyalty questions include asking if the customer would do business with you again and recommend your business to someone else.

Arrange questions in a meaningful manner, with each leading into the next. Craft questions that are meaningful, and use as few questions as you can while obtaining the information you seek. Long questionnaires will not be looked upon favorably.

Test market your survey questions with a small group. Work out the bugs to finalize the strongest survey you can.

Present your survey to customers, receive your results and compile the answers, setting new goals based on customer recommendations.


  • Survey templates can be found at numerous sites online if you need a little help getting started.

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