How to Start Selling Pampered Chef

How to Start Selling Pampered Chef. Pampered Chef was started in 1980 as a direct seller of essential kitchen tools. They were purchased by Berkshire Hathaway in 2002. All Pampered Chef products are sold exclusively by independent consultants. If you love cooking and want to introduce people to new recipes and kitchen tools, Pampered Chef may be an attractive business for you.

Contact a Pampered Chef consultant who you already know or click the "Contact a Consultant" link on the Pampered Chef website to be matched to a consultant in your geographic area.

Learn more about selling Pampered Chef products by looking at their website. Try some of the online recipes to see if they are right for you.

Decide where and to whom you will be selling your Pampered Chef products. You will want to schedule cooking shows in the homes of friends and family. You can also schedule open houses in your own home and sell online through a Pampered Chef website.

Purchase a start-up kit, which includes the basic items that you will need to host a cooking show. The kit includes products, training materials and business materials.

Start training and selling. In the beginning, you will probably attend a cooking show with an experienced consultant in order to learn how to do it. Once you've attended a few shows, you can schedule your own cooking shows and begin selling Pampered Chef products.


  • The Online Magazine for Work at Home Moms offers information about Pampered Chef and other home businesses. You can also ask questions on their online forum.


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