How to Find Business Opportunities in India

How to Find Business Opportunities in India. Finding business opportunities in India is easier than it may seem. India, the world's seventh largest country and the second most populous, is a growing market and is quickly becoming a great place to do business. Finding an opportunity in India has never been easier. All it takes is a few clicks online.

Decide which type of business opportunity you desire. You can do anything from importing, exporting and trading to investing and franchising. The business opportunities in India are endless. Pick something that interests you.

Go to At, you can find Indian exporters and directories of Indian manufacturers. You can also find Indian buyers, suppliers, agents and even trade leads. has been in business since 1997, and they have a long history of helping connect buyers and sellers. On the left hand column, you can find a directory that can help you locate the exact industry that you are interested in.

Surf over to is a powerful directory of Indian business opportunities. The site contains over 1,200 product categories and subcategories. With over six million registered users, is a massive resource to help you find whatever it is that you are interested in. You can also contact them via phone at (011) 91 11 26152172 from the United States.

Look for other business opportunities in India at is the International Business Forum. By clicking on their business directory and then the country directory, you can find a list of Indian business opportunities.


  • Before doing any overseas business dealings, it's best to contact an attorney to have her read over the paperwork.


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