How to Find Someone to Market Your Product

How to Find Someone to Market Your Product. Just don't have the time to do your own marketing? Hire a professional to save time and make sure your product is handled correctly.

Take note of products that are similar to yours and seem to be in the public eye and doing well in sales. Contact each company and find out who handles the marketing.

Contact local advertising agencies and ask if they take on marketing programs for your type of product.

Surf the Internet and find companies that specialize in placing your Web site with search engines, Internet malls and other Internet directories. If you don't need an all-out marketing campaign, this is a cost-effective way to potentially reach thousands of Internet users.

Choose bits and pieces of your marketing to hire out if you're having difficulty with only one aspect. Hire a graphic designer to design promotional material you can distribute yourself. Or contract with a company that will distribute (hand-deliver, mail and so on) the materials you already have on hand.

Check the references of anyone you consider hiring. You don't want to be someone's first project, nor do you want to be the next in a long line of campaign failures.

Find a distributor that will place your product in its network of retail outlets.


  • Make sure you really don't have the time to do your own marketing. Although the idea of getting someone else to do your marketing legwork is appealing, it's not going to come cheap. Make sure the person or firm you hire is a member of a recognized trade association like the American Management Association. A full-service marketing firm will create a plan to develop and position your product as well as create demand. Stay involved in the development of the plan, and don't hesitate to bring up something you don't like or disagree with. After all, it's your money and your future success at stake.


  • If you choose to hire someone to market your product via the Internet, make sure that spamming isn't his or her idea of a sound marketing approach.

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