How to Calculate TPS/TVQ

by Catherine Lovering - Updated September 26, 2017
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TPS and TVQ are the French acronyms for GST and QST, consumer taxes in the province of Quebec. The goods and services tax (GST) is calculated at 5 percent as of October 2014, while the Quebec sales tax is calculated at 9.975 percent.

Correctly Applying TPS/TVQ to Purchases

Revenu Quebec provides a formula for calculating the TPS and TVQ. Each tax is calculated on the original purchase price only. For example, a purchase of $100 would have 5 percent, or $5, added for the TPS (GST). The same purchase would have 9.975 percent, or $9.98, added for the TVQ (QST). In total, the final price charged to a consumer would be $100 plus $5 plus $9.98, or $114.98.

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