Operating a successful business includes accurately tracking revenues and expenses. Some businesses have more than one source of revenue resulting from various divisions, operations or services. These businesses must track expected revenue from each revenue source in order to calculate total expected revenue.

Determine each revenue source. Companies and businesses with multiple streams of income must track each revenue source in order to calculate an accurate total revenue figure.

List the expected revenue from each source of income for the desired term. Earnings and revenue for many businesses are reviewed monthly, quarterly or as often as necessary. List the expected revenue for each source of income over the desired time frame.

Add the expected revenue from each income source. This will reveal the total expected revenue for the desired time frame. For example, if XYZ Catering Company expected $14,750 from its wedding division and $63,200 from its corporate parties division in the third quarter, then XYZ Catering Company's total expected revenue in its the third quarter of operations is $77,950, since $63,200 + $14,750 = $77,950.