An S corporation is designed to provide a small business owner with the advantages of incorporation without the negative taxation witnessed in a regular corporation. When an S corporation performs services for another business, the S corporation must complete Form W-9 to provide important information to the employer. Form W-9 is not submitted to the Internal Revenue Service. An S corporation’s employer has the responsibility of keeping the W-9. Completing Form W-9 is a straightforward endeavor for an S corporation. Form W-9 can be printed from the IRS website.

Communicate the legal name of the S corporation. The name listed on Form W-9 must match the name listed on the company’s articles of incorporation, also known as a certificate of incorporation. Check the appropriate box to indicate the company is an S corporation.

Check the box to indicate if the S corporation is exempt from backup withholding. An S corporation may be exempt from backup withholding when it comes to dividend and interest payments, as explained by the IRS website.

State the business address of the S corporation. Input the company’s Employer Identification Number, also known as a federal tax ID number. The IRS issues an EIN to an S corporation to identify the company for taxation purposes.

Include the signature of an authorized representative of the S corporation. The authorized representative may be a shareholder, director or officer of the business. Indicate the date next to the signature of the authorized representative.