Starting a brewery takes more time than to create a good recipe for a cold beer. There are state and federal regulations that need to be adhered to as well as finding a location that will be set up to operate and distribute your special brew. All of this takes money. A properly drafted business plan and SEC-compliant stock offering documents are essential when raising money for a brewery.

Step 1.

Incorporate your business. Contact your secretary of state’s business office to file the name of your corporation. You will need to provide your company’s name, business address as well as the names of the directors.

Step 2.

Prepare your business plan. Visit your state’s Alcohol Control Board to determine which business model will fit your plan.

Step 3.

Draft your private placement offering documents. A private placement memorandum (PPM) describes your business opportunity as well as the details on how you intend on raising capital to fund the business. You can purchase templates online or hire a business professional/attorney to draft the document. If you intend on sell stock in your brewery, the offering documents should outline the share price, how many shares will be sold and what percent ownership will your stockholders have in your company. The SEC (Securities and Exchange Commision) requires that the PPM should include all risks associated with setting up a brewery business, including any licensing and regulations that need to be adhered to.

Step 4.

Market your stock offering in angel investor network member organizations. Angel investors are people who invest in start-up businesses. You can find these “members only” organization on the web. The fees depends on the size of the investor database and if you intend on using any display advertising on that site.