How to Calculate WTD

by Tiffany Raiford ; Updated September 26, 2017

Many people are unaware that paid holidays from work are intended to give them time off for health and safety reasons: to rest, relax and recoup. In the United Kingdon, the Working Time Directive, or WTD, states that employers are required to give employees 28 days paid holiday time each year. Of the 28 paid holidays you are entitled to, bank and federal holidays are included. For the days you take off work for paid holiday leave you are paid your regular wages; you can request compensation for any time you did not use out of your holiday pay, which is calculated differently.

Calculate the number of weeks worked throughout the year. You have 28 days of paid holiday leave; you only work 48 of the 52 weeks each year.

Calculate the number of hours of your holiday time that you worked. For example, of your 28 paid holidays you took 17 days off and chose to work the other 11 days of your holiday period.

Multiply the number of holiday hours you worked by 12.07 percent. If you work an eight-hour day each, at 11 holidays that is 88 hours. Multiply 88 hours by 12.07 percent to come up with the amount you will receive compensation for per hour for your untaken holiday pay, which is £10.62 per hour for your 88 hours.


  • in addition, the United Kingdom's WTD requires employees work no more than 48 hours per week with a minimum of 11 hours rest time between ending one work shift and beginning another.

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