A transport log sheet allows a transport company to keep records of where items in its care are being transported. This log also keeps track of which drivers are transporting these goods, which in turn assist in determining the driver’s pay. A log sheet is simple to create and can include as much, or as little information as you wish to include.

Step 1.

Leave places at the top of the page for the name of the company and the name of the driver who is taking a particular load.

Step 2.

Write headings just under the name and employer. These include the items being shipped, the customer who will receive it and the current odometer reading on the truck, along with arrival and departure times. A section may also be added for comments or additional instructions if you wish.

Step 3.

Leave space on the left side of your chart for other information like accompanying drivers and vehicle registration numbers.

Step 4.

Add boxes for the driver to log his work and off-duty hours, along with meal times and time spent filling up with gas.

Step 5.

Leave blanks at the bottom of your page for employer and driver signatures.