How to Introduce Team Members

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Adding new members to a team changes team dynamics. Whether the team that you oversee is a group of sporting friends or a group of workers, the addition of a new team member or group of team members is something that you should handle with care. By putting effort into properly introducing these new team members, you can help ensure that their addition doesn’t upset the balance of your team and instead strengthens all members of the group.

Let the new members introduce themselves. Instead of announcing the individuals’ names and moving on, give them a chance to speak on their own behalf, asking them to tell the group a little about themselves so that others can get this information from the new members themselves.

Celebrate their arrival. Make the new team members feel welcome to so that entering this pre-existing group seems less overwhelming. Ask individuals to applaud these new members after each introduction as a polite sign of welcome.

Use an icebreaker. Particularly if you have added several new members to your team at one time, arranging an icebreaker is a smart choice. Plan a get-to-know-you activity to facilitate this process, such as having team members play a game of get-to-know-you bingo in which they must find people who fit certain descriptions written in the squares of a bingo card.

Allow time for mingling. Although at work and in the world of sports, people are often busy and eager to get down to business, it is vital that you allow your team members time to mingle and meet each other when a new member is added. Arrange some social time on the day of the introduction, such as a group lunch or similar mingling event.