Assessment Protocol can be best defined as evaluating a person or environment to assess if procedures and standards are being followed properly according to set standards. Many governments, institutions and businesses adhere to protocols assessed on a regular basis.



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For Assessment Protocol to be effective, there must be a set of rules to measure the current performance of a person or environment by, so as to determine if improvements are necessary. A set of standards must be appropriately set to accurately gauge people and environments. Protocols also are subject to assessment, as rules change with time.



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Routine assessment of protocol ensures the best quality of services and environmental safety for everyone. Systematically gathering and interpreting evidence for reporting brings awareness to problem areas that need attention. If protocol is not followed and is neglected for a period of time, the results can be costly and possibly fatal for all parties involved.



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After completing the assessment, review the results and analyze for any areas that need improving and what steps may be necessary to improve performance or the environment to bring them up to protocol.