The term ACE is an acronym for Achieving Competitive Excellence and is a quality program inspired by Yuzuru Ito, who worked for both Panasonic and United Technologies as a quality manager. The program -- developed by UTC employees and unique to the company -- has four levels that a department can strive for: qualifying, bronze, silver and gold. Gold is the highest level of standard, with certification determined by the quality manager.

Streamlined Processes

When a department has been certified for ACE Gold, it means that it has listed, mapped, measured, improved and streamlined all of its processes. All business or manufacturing processes have become efficient, automated (where possible) and mistake-proof.

High Customer Satisfaction

An ACE Gold-certified department has received top scores in the area of customer satisfaction. Both internal and external customers must be completely satisfied.

Engaged Employees

An ACE Gold department is one in which all employees are engaged in continuous proactive improvements. All levels of employee are aware of the ACE philosophy and have been trained in certain areas of ACE skills. It is an environment where employees are empowered and motivated to make changes and improve the business.