Sales Activity Analysis

by Marci Reynolds ; Updated September 26, 2017
Achieve sales goals with consistent sales activities.

Sales activities are the tactics that salespeople use to achieve their goals and objectives. A sales activity analysis involves a review of sales activities during a specific period of time to identify trends and compare actual performance with desired performance.

Activity Identification

To begin a sales activity analysis, sales leaders should identify the sales activities that are most important to achieving end results. For inside sales representatives, it is common to measure the number of sales telephone calls, decision maker contacts and the average time per call. For field sales representatives, it is common to measure the number of face-to-face visits, the number of sales demos and the number of sales proposals.

Activity Reporting

High-performing sales teams track sales activities on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis. To create these reports, a sales analyst can extract relevant data manually from in-house systems such as an Enterprise Resource Planning system or a phone system. In addition, analysts can rely on automated reporting available through customer relationship management software.

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Activity Review

A sales leader should review sales activities at the employee, team and department levels, then compare actual performance with desired performance and prior performance. It is important to understand the root causes for performance variances.

Action Plan

Based on sales analysis findings, a sales leader should create and implement an action plan to improve or maintain sales activity performance. It is important to provide positive and developmental feedback to sales employees based on these results.

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