Strength & Weakness of Leadership

by Desmond Dirk; Updated September 26, 2017

Leaders create visions, encourage their followers to identify with the visions and inspire the followers to work toward fulfilling them. Leadership is the style of a particular leader, and the strengths and weaknesses depend on the nature and competence of the leader. Leadership strengths help the realization of a leader’s vision, while weaknesses hinder it.


Examples of leadership strengths are the capacity to understand and work with other people, the capacity to create a secure environment where people have the physical and moral encouragement to work purposefully and the capacity to make things happen. Examples of leadership weaknesses are procrastination, failure to listen to others and poor communication with followers.


The success of a leader depends on her leadership strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, the leader should learn to manage them well. To manage her strengths, a leader must preserve them and build on them. To manage his weaknesses, she must try to overcome them.


As a leader, you can identify your strengths and weaknesses by asking yourself several questions that relate to your vision and your relationship with your followers. Such questions include, “Do I communicate my overall strategy to my followers?” and “Do I let my followers know how their contributions would help realize our vision?” Your honest answers to such questions will show you your leadership strengths and weaknesses.

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