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Basic office policies are rules and procedures encouraging a smooth-running office. Most companies outline their basic office policies in an employee handbook or policy manual.


Basic office policies are important to all companies. These policies help solve and prevent problems within a company because employees, staff and management all know what is expected of them. When employees follow basic policies, it helps maintain the success and reputation of the company. It also provides a basis for employees to perform their jobs in an effective, ethical way if the management is absent for a day or week.


Absenteeism is a common basic office policy that outlines the details of vacation days, sick days and holidays. It allows employees to fully understand what they are entitled to. It also informs them of discipline policies if these procedures are not followed.


Another common office policy is the use of electronics. This includes talking and texting on cell phones as well as the use of the Internet and email.


Other basic office policies include workplace harassment policies and safety and security policies. Drug-free and non-smoking policies are common in the workplace as well. Employee codes of conduct are listed in the policy book along with policies regarding the misuse of company property.


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