Importance of Export Documentation

Export documentation is important, as it covers all areas of shopping items, from packing and labeling to insuring the goods. Important items are being shipped by random carriers to far-off customers; it's necessary to file accurate paperwork to ensure delivery.


Export documentation label packages to make sure the included goods are handled properly. Labels also tell where and when the goods need to be delivered. Different countries have varying standards and requirements; documentation needs to match these needs. Also, shipped items have to be insured in the event they're damaged or lost in transit.


Pro-forma invoices are sent to the buyer before the goods are shipped, stating the sale terms and how the buyer can get an import license. Commercial invoices include information such as the names of the buyer and seller; the goods being sold; and payment and bank information.


Bill of Lading

The bill of lading is given from the carrier to the shipper, verifying that the buyer received the goods. This is technically a contract between the shipper and the carrier. The bill of lading also notifies the buyer when their goods are available for pickup.



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