Developing a sales protocol is critical, as it lays the foundation from which the sales strategy will be developed and defines for your sales team their roles and responsibilities.

The Foundation

When you developed your business, you created a mission/vision statement and, in many cases, a list of core values. An example of this may be a commitment to customer service excellence or the fair treatment of all people. It is from this foundation that you create the sales protocol, also known as a code of conduct.

Establishing the Guidelines

A good beginning for this document would be to define the way you want your sales team to present themselves. Professional appearance should be defined, and the information they present may be important, depending on the type of business you have. An example might be a requirement for following up with a customer within 24 hours.

Achieving Business Success

As you create this document make sure it supports the company mission and sets the framework that will help you develop a sales strategy. The mission/vision statement lays the foundation for the business. The sales protocol establishes the guidelines for the sales team, which leads to developing an effective sales and marketing strategy that will generate business revenue.