Tuition Reimbursement Plan Definition

A tuition reimbursement plan is a human resources benefit offered by some larger employers. Employees that meet certain criteria may get assistance or reimbursement by their employers to help pay for education.


Tuition reimbursement plans are more common to larger, established employers because it is a costly benefit program to provide to employees. Employers consider the program an investment in key assets (employees) and sometimes require contracted periods of work following the education.


Most employers place criteria and limits on tuition reimbursement plans. Common expectations include: Education relates to company and work area, certain performance standards (grades) are maintained and courses are completed when paid for.



Employers that offer tuition reimbursement programs usually have application forms and processes. You might be asked to explain how your educational goals relate to your current or future position with the company. Some employers pay for tuition through "assistance" while others "reimburse" you after you complete courses that meet approved criteria.



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