What Is Industry Profile?

An industry profile is a report or gathering of data centered on an area of business that outlines and describes the major components of that area. Profiles often provide an overview of the industry and may make projections about future trends. Examples of business sectors include the pharmaceutical, transportation or retail industry.


An important component of an industry profile is a list of related industries and major companies that dominate that product or service sector. Other essentials are an overview of the sector, financial information, recent developments, opportunities for advancement and leaders in the field.

How Are They Used

Profiles may be used by investors and financial planners to make strategic investment decisions. Job seekers use them to research the overall state of an industry in order to target employment leads or prepare for interviews. Government agencies monitor them as an aid when creating legislation or public-private partnerships.


Who Produces Them

Government agencies create industry profiles to help track economic activity. However, most industry profiles are created and made available for purchase by business and information services that monitor various sectors year-round and update them frequently.



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