Example of Autocratic Leadership Style

Leadership is an organizational role where individuals create a mission or vision, communicate goals or objectives, and manage conflict among individuals in the work environment. Different leadership types exist in society, with the autocratic style presenting a more direct approach to running an organization.


An autocratic leadership style gives a leader absolute authority to make decisions and promote the company. Franchises are a classic example of autocratic leadership. These organizations have a home office where the business owner or executive managers dictate rules and standards to franchisees.


Franchises usually require all businesses under their control to conform to operating standards that will produce a consistent good or service. Franchise owners do not usually have the option to vary from these standards, even if it results in a better product for consumers. Fines or penalties may result from violating the franchisor’s standards.



A stiff autocratic leadership style can quickly create a difficult working environment. Franchisee owners and employees may dislike following rules or standards they do not like, especially if enforcement is swift and harsh.