What Do Background Checks Reveal?

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A company hiring manager may perform a background search to reveal pertinent applicant information before he decides to extend an offer of employment. Background checks protect the safety of the company and ensure that each hired applicant is qualified.


Employers conduct background checks to reveal personal information about an individual to assess if she has the required experience and skill set needed to work for the company. Potential employers also use background checks to determine if applicants have any past criminal activity that would eliminate them from hiring consideration.


Background checks reveal previous criminal felonies or misdemeanors that date back as far as 15 years. Hiring departments also conduct a credit history check for positions that handle finances on a daily basis, such as a banker or brokerage professional.



A background check can also reveal a person’s driving record, which many employers need for jobs in which incumbents will operate motor vehicles or heavy machinery. Depending on the position, employers may also validate degrees earned from an educational institution. To validate degrees, employers contact the school’s registrar office; however, a consent form signed by the applicant is required to release any information.