An organizational strategy is an excellent means of ensuring that a company has a clear direction and goals to achieve. A strategy will only succeed, however, if the intended strategy is the same as the realized strategy.

Identifying Gaps

A gap analysis can tell you if your strategy, as it is realized, is the same as your intended strategy. A gap analysis begins by looking at your intended strategy, then evaluating your actual strategy, and finally measuring the gaps between the two strategies.

Making Changes

If there are gaps between your intended strategy and the strategy that is being realized in practice, it is necessary to eliminate the gaps. In order to do this, you must make changes to bring your actual strategy in line with your intended strategy.


By considering the differences that may exist between your actual strategy and your realized strategy, and by making changes to minimize the differences, it is possible to ensure that you keep your strategy on track and follow through on your intentions. Your organization will benefit from having a clear strategy with which to achieve its goals.