Many employees anticipate regular performance evaluations from their supervisor. These written, standardized evaluations provide constructive feedback to aid the professional growth and development of employees.


An evaluation form is a document supervisors use to measure an employee's workplace performance. Evaluation forms encompass all aspects of an employee's duties, such as his productivity and ability to meet goals.


Supervisors complete evaluation forms based on their observations. Employees may also fill out a self-evaluation form wherein they score their own performance.


Evaluation forms may collect information about employee attendance, cooperation in the workplace, interactions with others, dependability, motivation and ethical judgment. These forms are typically quantitative to incorporate a scoring system; using this format, the employee receives a total score at the end of his evaluation form.


Evaluation forms become a part of an employee’s personnel record and serve as documentation that the supervisor and employee completed an evaluation. Since evaluations are part of a company's performance management initiatives, these forms may serve as justification for supervisors to promote, demote, terminate or give raises to their employees.