Why a Code of Ethics Is Important

by G.R. Claveria ; Updated September 26, 2017
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Understanding how to properly behave in certain situations is the reason a code of ethics is important. Whether it is to know the difference between right or wrong, good or bad and just or unjust, a good code of ethics allows individuals to hold themselves to the highest standards in any given behavior or action.

It Prevents Unjust Treatment


Since wrongdoing is prevalent in all cultures and societies, a good code of ethics will not allow for any kind of inequality.

It Promotes Goodness for Everyone

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A good code of ethics will uphold the best interest of everyone around.

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It Brings Out the Best in Individuals

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Individuals will strive for a better environment to live in when there is a good code of ethics in place.

It Holds Us Socially Responsibile

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A good code of ethics makes individuals in a society responsible for the people and things around them.

It Brings Out Higher Standards

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A good code of ethics will bring out excellence in everyone around and allow the culture to function better as a whole.

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