Managing finances and investments can be frustrating without good advice. Fortunately, many periodicals and online sites offer a wealth of financial information for beginners and more experienced investors.

The Wall Street Journal

For more than a century, the Wall Street Journal has been a stalwart source of U.S. and world financial information. The paper covers stock trends, business news, personal finance and more, and is available in both print and online editions.

The Economist

Considered by many to be the preeminent source of information on U.S. and world economics, business and politics, the Economist offers a weekly print edition, as well as a frequently updated website. Essays, news stories and opinion pieces cover market data, personal finance topics and business trends.

Google Finance

Google Finance offers a wide range of continually updated information on stocks, mutual funds, domestic business trends, and public and private companies. Investors can use the site's interactive features to store, update and track their portfolios. is a trusted and authoritative source of advice on personal finance, investments and financial management. While the site is free to use, special paid-subscription newsletters deliver information on economic trends, tax issues, retirement planning and more.

This online source of financial news and advices offers real-time and historical data on commodities, equities and foreign exchange rates, as well as information on trading and liquidity, personal finance and market trends. The site also offers a variety of financial calculators and a portfolio tracker.