What Is Task Conflict?

Task conflict exists within a group or team when there are disagreements among the group members about the tasks being performed.

Task Conflict vs. Relationship Conflict

Task conflict is one of two types of conflicts that can happen within a group or team, this type of conflict is focused around the task at hand. The other type of conflict is relationship conflict; relationship conflict deals with interpersonal conflict between the people of the group rather than the task they are working on.

Task Conflict Differences

Task conflict arises when the group members have differences in viewpoints, ideas and opinions.


Benefits of Task Conflict

Benefits to task conflict include decreasing group think, encouraging creativity and increasing the understanding by identifying diverse perspectives.


Negatives of Task Conflict

Task conflict can become negative when the conflict creates discord within the team.


Managing Task Conflict

A healthy way to handle task conflict is for everyone within the group to listen to each other, respect each other's opinions, and when possible try to collaborate the different ideas and opinions to come up with one idea with which everyone in the group can agree.




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