What Is an Insurance Endorsement?

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An insurance endorsement is a change to an insurance policy that adds to or restricts the original coverage terms. It may not be part of the original agreement, however it becomes a legal part of the policy once it is added.

Adding Coverage

Some insurance endorsements add coverages for an additional premium to your policy, such as a rental reimbursement endorsement to your auto insurance. This endorsement adds coverage for a rental when your vehicle is being repaired.


An endorsement can be added to an insurance policy to restrict coverage. For example, many insurance policies have endorsements excluding coverage for losses caused by acts of war and terrorism.

Additional Insured

An endorsement may be added to an insurance policy to give coverage to another person. You might, for example, add someone to an auto insurance policy on an additional insured basis, giving them coverage if they drive your vehicle with your permission.

Change to Coverage

If you decide to change your coverage, an endorsement can be added to your insurance policy. An example would be an endorsement raising the amount of your deductible, the amount you are required to pay in the event of a claim.

Declarations Page

You can find a list of all the endorsements to your policy on the declarations page. Whenever an endorsement is added to your policy, the insurance company will send you a new declaration page explaining the endorsement.