Employee Rights & Employer Responsibilities

When an employee gets hired by an employer, a compact between them begins. The employee gains rights. The employer decides responsibilities to keep the employee gainfully employed.

Wages, Hours and Overtime

Employees are entitled to earn at least the minimum wage, $7.25 n 2009. When a worker gives more time than the standard 40 hours, they can expect pay at 1 1/2 times the regular rate.


Taking time off from work enables an employee to attend to important concerns. Under the law, they can request leave for sickness, disability or family care.


Final Pay

When employment ends, the worker can ask the employer pay final amounts within a reasonable time, typically 30 days.



After a hire, employers withhold taxes for the employee, and file a W-4 with the Internal Revenue Service. When tax time comes, they file the W-2 form on wage and withheld taxes, and send a copy to their employee.


Safe Work

Business managers keep the work safe by preventing hazards in the workplace. While at work, employees wear the safety equipment and use the safe tools the employer has to supply them.