A training management system is a software package that can help your organization manage training design and delivery, as well as materials and individual participant progress.


A training management system, sometimes referred to as a learning management system, can deliver training courses, track completion, help participants track their career goals in terms of training and serve as a library for the organization’s policies, procedures and training materials.

Target Audience

If your company or organization has a training program, you are essentially part of the target market for learning or training management systems.


A training management system combines your organization’s training under one “virtual” roof. Content management and development can be conducted within the system as well. One of the biggest benefits of a training management system is efficiency in operations and cost.

Other Uses

Your training management system can be used to create and deliver e-learning content, especially to an audience that is spread out over a wide area. Plus, the training management system can deliver content to your organization’s suppliers, customers and business partners.


Most companies that offer training management systems--like learn.com, geolearning.com or blackboard.com--can customize their system to meet your organization’s needs. For example, you may not need the part of the system that creates e-learning courses because your organization does this in-house.