What Is Bi-Weekly Payroll?

The employee who renders a service expects to be paid. The frequency of payment depends on the employer; however, many companies opt for a bi-weekly payroll.


When employees are paid every two weeks they are on a bi-weekly payroll. The actual day of payment is up to the employer.


With a bi-weekly payroll, hours are generally calculated based on the last two weeks worked. An employee who worked a full two weeks will generally be paid for 80 regular hours.



Salaried employees on a bi-weekly payroll are paid the same amount every two weeks.



Taxes are computed on a bi-weekly basis, and are deducted from the employee's check based on two weeks of pay. The employer's federal and state taxes are paid every two weeks as well.



Reports are balanced bi-weekly and each payroll's filing structure is set up to reflect two weeks worth of activity.



Most companies with salaried and hourly employees tend to go with a bi-weekly payroll as it is easier to process both pay groups during a bi-weekly payroll run.