A person who holds a leadership role may not always have the qualities that make a good leader. These qualities can be key to a company’s success. Often, good leaders will get down in the trenches and work alongside their team, developing the leadership skills of those around them.


A good leader must have the confidence to make decisions and set a clear direction. Good leaders also instill confidence in others and encourage others to step up and lead.

Stress Management

During times of stress, good leaders will remain calm, focused and stay on track while keeping emotions at bay. Others look to their leader for strength in times of stress.

Communication Skills

Good leadership requires good communication. Effective leaders can clearly communicate their vision and objectives to their team. They are skilled in the areas of public speaking and interviewing.


Leaders must take responsibility for their decisions and actions. Mistakes are a part of life, and good leaders take ownership of their mistakes.

Lead by Example

Leading by an example will show team members what is expected of them and what is or is not acceptable. Good leaders set an example that others wish to follow.

Decision Making

Leaders must be able to think on their feet and make prudent and quick decisions. Difficult problems often need immediate solutions.