Where Is the World Bank Located?

The World Bank is an agency located in the United States, but with a network across the world. The bank was originally set up to help countries which needed assistance in rebuilding after World War II. Today, the organization helps with relief from natural disasters, debt restructuring, credit and other financial needs of poorer nations.


The World Bank is a group of nations which signed on to aid in financial and technical support of other nations. This organization has locations across the globe.


The main offices of the World Bank are located in Washington D.C. This location was chosen in March of 1946.


There are over 100 satellite offices of the World Bank. The bank has locations in six areas, Latin America, Africa, East Asia, Europe, South Asia and the Middle East.


The World Bank has created local offices to help underdeveloped or poor countries have ready access to services offered by the bank. In this way, the location of the offices helps ensure that funds and information are going to the people who need them.


The World Bank is made up of 185 member countries around the world. The location of these countries helps the World Bank understand the regional issues of nations seeking assistance.