Does Your Employer Have to Pay You During Jury Duty in New Jersey?

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Jury duty is a citizen's civic duty, and you're compelled to serve by law. In New Jersey, jurors can be summoned for jury duty every three years. While you are away from work for jury duty, your employer may or may not have to pay you. Whether your employer will pay you while you are serving depends on the employer's policy for jury duty.

Private Employees

Employees who are employed in the private sector and do not work for the government or in the public sector may or may not be entitled to their regular pay while they serve on a jury. Whether or not you will be paid your regular salary depends on your employer's policy for jury duty. According to the New Jersey Jury Management Office, most employers do not pay their employees while they serve jury duty.

Juror Fee

The Jury Management Office is aware that most private employers do not pay their employees while they serve on a jury. As a result, the State of New Jersey pays every juror a juror fee equivalent to $5 per day.

Public Employees

Individuals who are employed full-time by the State of New Jersey are paid their regular salary while they are on jury duty. However, public employees who receive their regular salary cannot collect the juror fee.

Time Off

According to the State of New Jersey, Department of Labor and Workforce Development, employers are required to give employees time off to attend court for jury duty, without requiring the employee to use up vacation or sick days or otherwise penalizing the employee.


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