A job description will list an employee’s title and duties the employee needs to perform. If there is ever an issue after an employee has been hired, such as how much he or she is paid, the working environment he or she is to work in the number of hours he or she is expected to work, a job description can be referenced showing where all this information was stated when the employee applied for the position.

Educational Requirements

If any educational requirements are required for the job, this needs to be stated specifically in the job description. If a college degree is required, the type of college degree such as an accounting, human resource management or business marketing degree must be clearly listed. If the position does not require a specific degree, the job description can simply state an associate, bachelor's or master’s degree is required for the position.

Hours and Job Classification

If the position is seasonal or temporary, this also should be listed in the job description. You do not want to misinform applicants who may think the position is permanent. Stating that the position is part time or full time is important. The number of hours also should be listed. A part-time position generally means less than 40 full-time hours. Some applicants may be under the impression that 20 hours are considered part time, because that’s half of the full-time hours. If you want an employee to work 35 part-time hours, the job description should detail what is considered part time, as well as full time.


When new employees start a job in a busy atmosphere, managers often delegate training to another associate or assistant manager in the department. This can be misleading, especially if the job description does not state who an employee is to report to. Some department managers enlist help from another department’s workers. If the employee does not know who to report to, he/she may put off the work to help the manager in the other department. Therefore, the job description should state who an employee reports to, such as an accounting clerk reports to an accounting controller, and an accounting clerk reports to a chief financial officer etc.

Job Duties And Responsibilities

The overall responsibilities of a specific job must be detailed in the job description. This lets an employee know what the exact responsibilities are. For example, if a nursing aide is asked to administer medication, she should know this is not something she can do because it is not in her job description. The job specifics will typically match the training and skill that the employee has, such as a registered nurse’s job description stating she can administer medication because she has been properly certified and trained to do so.

Working Conditions

Working conditions should be detailed in a job description. For example, if an employee will work in dangerous and hazardous working environments, the job description should state so, because this could be a potential health or safety risk to an employee. If the employee will work outside a majority of the time, this should be stated in the job description. Some employees have allergies.