What Is UniCare Insurance?

UniCare is a subsidiary of WellPoint, Inc., a health benefits company that has the largest number of customers in the US. UniCare offers a full array of disability, health, life, drug and dental policies tailored to the needs of the individual. UniCare services are provided to both employers and individuals. Here are a few facts about this company.


UniCare was adopted by WellPoint for all of its operations outside of California in 1995. UniCare bought the life and group health business of Massachusetts Mutual Life in 1996, and then it acquired the same array of business from John Hancock Life in 1997. WellPoint purchased Rush Prudential Health Plans in Illinois in 2000 and drew both that organization and UniCare together, forming a new organization that offers the market both HMO products as well as the more traditional preferred provider organization (PPO) offerings.

Basic Services Provided

UniCare offers a full line of health care products that meet both the individual's and employers' needs, having designed them to consider the control that people want over the delivery of their care and the cost controls that limit the premiums paid by employers. For example, the company offers companies and individuals policies that provide either basic coverage or more sophisticated plans that meet specific health needs.

Specialized Services

In addition to health insurance provided to companies and individuals, UniCare also can provide coverages that include dental and psychiatric care, prescription plans, life and disability insurance as well as several versions of account administration to employers. In addition, UniCare can provide actuarial and underwriting services for those employers who wish to self-insure their employee coverage.

How the Company Is Structured

UniCare is organized around the concept of Market Business Units (MBUs), where each group of products has its own management and set of objectives. Each of the MBUs is self-contained and is responsible for selling its products, underwriting and enrolling customers, and servicing their needs. This is important because by limiting the scope of an MBUs's portfolio, it can concentrate on the nuances of its products that vary from one state to the next.

Highly Rated

Most insurance companies are rated by either A. M. Best, Fitch Ratings or Standard & Poor. All of UniCare's major health-related products and services have received the highest rating from each company, important testimonies to the strength that UniCare and WellPoint provide.