How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Car?

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Moving is a costly and stressful process. Rather than dealing with the hassle of selling your car and purchasing another one at your new location, shipping your car directly may save you both time and money. Automobile transportation is a large, thriving industry, and there are many options available depending upon your budget. Reduce part of the hassle and anxiety of moving by arranging your car to be sent to your new home.

Getting Started

Contact the reputable car shipping companies and ask for quotes and estimations regarding the cost of shipping your car. Ship Any Car, Paramount Transportation Services and All American Auto Transport are companies that provide cost-effective auto transport services.


Many factors can influence the final cost of shipping your car. The type, model, size and weight of your car will directly affect transportation pricing, as well as the cost of shipping insurance, which you must purchase in order to ship your car. The distance to your destination, and whether or not it is a domestic or international shipment, will also drastically affect the final cost. Some companies will also change their shipping rates depending on the season because differing weather conditions may affect their transporting process.


The cost of shipping a car can save you money in the long run. If you are moving to a new location where the cost of living is higher than your current home, selling your car and purchasing a new one may not make too much financial sense. This is especially true if you own an older vehicle that may not be worth much more than several thousand dollars. Shipping your car will also eliminate the stress and time involved in selling your car.


When dealing with shipping companies, be sure to get all agreements in writing. This includes pick-up and delivery time estimates, shipping estimates, as well as insurance policies. You should also receive a bill of lading from the company at the time of pick-up, which clearly states the condition of the car. Do not sign any form or report unless you read it over and agree with what is stated. Taking these precautions will help you to make an effective claim in case any damages to your car occurs during shipment.

Further Planning

Shipping your car involves numerous tasks, including researching reputable companies, requesting quote estimations, scheduling a pick up date and location and arranging payment. Companies can also be booked weeks in advance. This is not something that can be accomplished at the last-minute. It is best to begin organizing and planning for the shipment of your car at least two to three weeks prior to your move.